Who We Are

I am Aidan DeSola and I am the creator of DeSola Clothing, the newest upcoming minimalistic clothing brand. We have a small team consisting of myself, Daniel Stevens, and Michael DeSando who all work together with me to help build our band. Daniel is my college roommate and has always had a keen eye for fashion and wanted to help build my brand with me. Michael and I have been working on the brand from the start, especially with us both having a capital S in our last names.

How DeSola Clothing Formed

When growing up I learned that my family’s last name meant breath of the sun. I found this extremely interesting as I always visualized a dragon representing our family. I created the design of a dragon to symbolize our family and the distinct upper case S was the perfect letter for that. I have always been interested in fashion and have developed my own style. I wanted to spread the love for having your own swagger to the rest of the world and give them a brand that can go with any of their unique outfits. As a brand, we serve all ages, the audience that primarily looks for our clothing is teens but we do not choose. We have a wide selection of clothes because I have always wanted my parents and siblings to create their own style but have trouble putting together outfits. Our brand will help promote an equal opportunity for all customers.