Our brand was inspired by the founder of this business Aidan DeSola’s name. This means the sun’s breath, resulting in the idea behind the dragon. His father and mother, Damian and Mary DeSola’s business, SunDragon Consulting, has also influenced Aidan’s design. The brand blossomed from there on and has moved on to inspire its customer’s taste with its unique dragon design incorporated into the “S”. DeSola Clothing uses black and white to create minimalist designed clothing centered around the “S” to help inspire all sorts of outfits. Our brand doesn’t look to trump all other clothing designs, we look to let our customers express themselves however they want with our clothes and center their fashion around our pieces. Our products are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester for the comfiest clothing experience. We want our customers to feel comfortable and know they are expressing themselves freely with their beautifully designed clothes. We want customers to be able to wear our brand with any clothing because we believe that people should express themselves how they want instead of listening to big brands competing with each other making them decide between one or the other. Therefore, by purchasing DeSola Clothing, you can express yourself how you want by creating all different outfits.

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