Our 3 Latest Clothing Pieces

DeSola Clothing just released 3 new sleek pieces of clothing including our black and grey cargo pants, black denim jacket, and black pocket logo shirt.

Cargo pants

Our new cargo pants come in two colors, black and grey. They are designed to give a baggy feel with comfortable internal padding for all customers to be comfy. Our customers will love these pants and we give them options of what color they desire, we hope to keep giving our customers freedom with how they would like to design their outfits.

Black Colorway

Black Denim Jacket

Our black denim jacket is a unique deviation from our style of clothing to add flare to our customer’s outfits. Our denim jacket has a fleece inside for those colder days when you are trying to stay stylish. It has a normal fit with regular sizing for easy purchasing for customers.

Pocket Logo T-Shirt

Our iconic design comes with the pocket logo shirt. The shirt is black with a cotton-polyester material for our customer’s most comfortable experience. This shirt contains our logo on the pocket placement of the shirt and a large logo on the back of the shirt. It is designed to be worn with essentially any outfit you can imagine because we want to make sure our customers aren’t worried about creating an outfit that looks good. Every outfit our customer wears will fit with our shirt centered around the “S” dragon design.

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